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Attn: Prospect,

JVM Sports Management is here and ready to serve your needs. While we realize that there are a lot of competent sports management firms that you could choose to serve as your sports agent, we believe that after you become familiar with the many quality management services that “JVM” provides as well as our experience and dedication to our clients, you will conclude that selecting this company for your “Management & Concierge” needs will provide you with the sound assurance you need as you undertake your career as a Professional Basketball Player.

With new players coming into the league each year, it is incumbent upon sports agencies to be creative in representing their clients. The sports agent should not only insure that each client receives the most lucrative contract possible, but it is extremely important to insure that each client remains in the league and has an opportunity to perform on the court as well. Although “JVM” is not involved in money management, financial decisions, or agent duties, we make sure that reputable financial brokerage houses give specific attention to all our players.

We are also aware and strongly recognize the difficult circumstances that a client may find himself facing while employed as a Professional Basketball Player. Whether it’s an issue of a client not receiving adequate playing time, or personality conflicts with coaching; or family issues that may hold the player back from performing on the court, “JVM” is prepared to respond in the proper manner to resolve any and all issues accordingly. We have witnessed, year after year, good players coming into the league and after a year or so, being forsaken by agents for a younger, or perhaps even better, player. Obviously, this leaves the player with no real support and eventually he will be waived or be relegated to sign one-year contracts for the balance of his career. “JVM” will be there for you from the beginning of your career, towards the middle and in the declining years.

Prior to establishing and licensing my company “JVM Sports Management LLC”, I had the incredible and wonderful opportunity to gain quality experience serving as a “CONSULTANT” with “MHSM” (Brad Marshall & J. R. Harris). Working alongside these two gentlemen strongly inspired me to establish my own sports management recruiting agency.

My experiences at “MHSM” consisted of:

1. Clifford Robinson being waived from the Portland Trailblazers after nine excellent seasons. We revived his career and subsequently he signed a $30 million dollar contract over four seasons with the Phoenix Suns. Cliff just finished a more than satisfied career with the New Jersey Nets.

2. Doug Christie was drafted by the Seattle Supersonics and offered a below market contract of $2.4 million dollars over four years. We engaged in intensive negotiations with the team and was successful in forcing a trade to the Los Angeles Lakers where he signed a $8.3 million dollar contract over five years. Doug subsequently was traded to the New York Knicks where he played very little. We then forced a trade sending him to the Toronto Raptors where he secured the starting two guard job and subsequently signed a $22 million dollar contract over four years. In addition to that, we arranged another trade from Toronto to the Sacramento Kings where he finally signed a $48 million dollar contract for over 7 years.

3. Anthony Peeler often brags to his friends that it was “MHSM” that freed him from his incarceration with the Vancouver Grizzlies. Anthony had been traded from the Los Angeles Lakers to the Grizzlies when he retained “MHSM”. Although we were successful at getting the team to offer Anthony a lucrative contract, he chose to reject that offer for a trade to the Minnesota Timberwolves, where he then signed an extension, making his total contract package worth over $26 million dollars.

These experiences are reflections of who I am and how I was trained to handle special circumstances. Sincerity, honesty and hard work best describes the philosophy of “JVM Sports Management LLC”. We understand the difficulties that players face and we intend to handle all matters and concerns in a sensitive and firm way, insuring that the player will be able to focus on his career and not have to deal with any issues that could adversely affect him.

If you are a college player who hopes to make a career in the NBA or Internationally or if you are currently a professional basketball player facing a lack of playing time, difficulty with the coaching staff, and/or management or just want good sound Professional Management & Personal Concierge Services behind you as you proceed through your career, please contact me, “Jeff Vinson” anytime and we will be happy to meet with you to discuss your needs and desires.

Very Truly Yours,

Jeff Vinson

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